Events at Shemford


Shemford Students Sharing their Experience

Mysore Trip

We went on a trip to Mysore, for the first time we missed our parents. We learnt to share and adapt with our friends. My partner was Manisha who was very kind. We lodged in the May-flower hotel, where we enjoyed singing and dancing. The very first day we visited the Brindavan gardens. The next day we visited the Mysore palace, Mysore zoo and Ranganthittu bird sanctuary. I loved Mysore very much.

Hashimi Khan & Laavanya,
Grade 4

Trip to Shimoga

It was three nights and four days trip. The joy and enthusiasm began when we boarded the bus with two of our teachers. We started our journey with a small prayer.

The first day, we landed on the shores of Murudeshwara temple. It was a breath-taking view to watch the 1000 ft. Statue of Lord Shiva facing the sea. We enjoyed our time in the beach diving, jumping, running and splashing water. The sunset in the shore and the jog falls were a visual feast. We partied that night, it was our first DJ night, later we moved on to the zoo and safari. The wild atmosphere was thrilling and fascinating. This trip helped us to be one with nature, live independently and to broaden our horizons.

Abhinaya & Sai Sandhya,
Grade 5

My Trip to Delhi

We went on a trip to Delhi. It was a trip that changed my life. I learnt to be on my own, to be brave and adapt to the new environment. We travelled to Delhi to see Qutub Minar, the historical monument to witness the Indo – Architecture . We went to Agra and the sight of Taj Mahal was breath taking and we tasted the North Indian food in Dhabhas. We travelled further North to Punjab where we visited the Waga border. The moment we set foot on the border we experienced a sense of thrill and the feeling of oneness and pride filled in. The de-hoisting of the national flag was done with paramount respect in a ceremonious way and this evoked the patriotism in us.

Jhaaneesh. V ,
Grade 8

My Edu-Trip to Fun world and Snow city

We went to fun world and snow city on 7th September. The snow city was very cold as it was covered with snow. I wore jacket, gumboots and head caps in the snow city. There were so many sliders in the snow city and in the fun world there were fun rides like car, bike and train. My friends and I enjoyed very much in the snow city and fun world. I would like to visit the snow city and fun world once more.

Harshini & Thanmai Shaji,
Grade 3