Science lab is fully equipped with instruments aimed at developing scientific skills and temper among students, studying to better understand the world we live in. The investigations help students develop a growing understanding of complexity and ambiguity of empirical work enabling to investigate appropriate questions, analyze the results of laboratory investigation, debate what the evidence means, construct an understanding of science concepts, and apply these concepts to the world around them. Our composite lab has been converted into three independent full fledged Biology, Physics and Chemistry labs this year.


Well equipped computer labs with high quality computers and carefully monitored internet connectivity provide our children the opportunity for research in addition to preparing them for the IT driven world. A customized school software with student, teacher and parent portal helps to elicit information at the click of a mouse. Technology doesn’t drive change, it enables change.


The concept of Mathematics Laboratory is learning by doing. The students are encouraged to talk, think, discuss and comprehend mathematical concepts through activities and experiments. The carefully designed activities are planned and executed for experiential learning, discovery method and synthesis of gained knowledge.

Health Care Centre

The School has well equipped Health Room, which is staffed by a fully qualified nurse. The staff is available during school hours to administer first aid and basic nursing care to any students injured or becoming unwell during the school days. On admission to the school all students are asked to complete a health form and to undergo a basic health check up. A Periodical medical checkups are also conducted.


A spectacular and futuristic auditorium is situated on the third floor of our school. It has state of the art infrastructure with panoramic view of a sweeping big stage. The auditorium with superior acoustic and latest technology for sound and light effects has a vast seating capacity. It brings a rich new perspective to the exciting, expanding and evolving world of education thereby helping and preparing students for the stage of life and making learning an enriching experience.


The sanctum Santorum of Shemford is our Library. Library has an organized collection of sources of information and a huge collection of books. The students and teachers can access the library for reference or borrowing. The Stock of Library books has exceeded the required numbers this year


A fleet of buses with a well trained and experienced crew managed under an able guidance of a technically sounded person covers a distance of about 50 KMS in and around Hosur at an ease to give a stress free and safe travel to all our students and teachers.

House Keeping

A committed team of staff ensures the Hygiene of Shemford at the Top all the Times even during the School Holidays.

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Our school has activity room where kids of all ages can play, relax and socialize in a stress-free environment. The Playroom offers toys, board games, puzzles, books and craft materials for all ages.


The school has a separate room for imparting training in the field of art and craft which the students love to visit. A creative and a perfect workspace for students, for arts and crafts projects, sketching, beading , jewellery, canvassing, painting, colouring, pottery,basket weaving knitting, quilling, paper craft, sewing, best out of waste etc. Moreover children find fun and enjoy to the core in these activities.


Music is taught at all levels at Shemford – Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Classroom music is provided at all levels with individual instrument instruction available in keyboard, guitar, voice, Tabla, Indian music and dance. Lessons are also offered in traditional Indian instruments: veena, tabla and Carnatic vocal. Shemford has professional Indian musicians and artists who provide specialist training for Music, Dance and Yoga.

Play area

The sand pit, slides and swings make coming to school an enjoyable experience for young children.