Annual Report

Annual Report 2014-15


We are fortunate to have a cadre of nearly 35 teachers well trained, experienced, dedicated and capable of fulfilling the demands of the growing generation of students. Apart from the various core subject teachers, we have an enthusiastic team who take care of co-curricular activities like Physical Education, Music, Dance, Yoga , Art & Craft. This helps in exploring and hunting the innate talents and skills of our students.

We also have 25 non-teaching staff which also includes admission in-charge and office staff.

Student’s participation and celebrations have always been a part of Shemford.

Students also participated in Spicmacay, a week long workshop which was held in the IIT campus – Chennai

Guru Utsav – Essay writing Contest held by the CBSE was participated by students from class IV onwards. This was tribute to the teachers.

Students of class 8 and 9 visited Valley School- Bangalore which helped them apply their mind gained in various projects at school

Ekta Diwas was observed in school where children participated in various activities

A workshop on Life Skills was conducted for senior classes by a CBSE empanel agency

Five junior and senior students participated in young world quiz in Bangalore conducted by The Hindu Newspaper

Four students participated in Annual Science Quiz at the Titan School

Participation through presentation of projects was done at the CCE Expo at Maharishi School conducted by Hosur Sahodaya Schools Complex. Similarly we also took part in the Cultural Expo at Sishya School

Four boys and girls were a part of the Regional Science Exhibition in Chennai

Students of class 9 visited the Science Gallery QED in Bangalore to take part in many Science experiments and activities

Mother Tongue day was another event were children exhibited talents in their vernacular during the assembly and proved in expressing mother tongue cannot be replaced in English

We also celebrated National Science Day, World Environment Day, all the National and Religious Festivals, Junior and Senior Sports Day, Kindergarten Annual Day, Teachers Day and Children’s Day, The Investiture Ceremony and Inauguration of various clubs were also important events in our calendar.

The two important annual events namely The Founder’s Day on 6th October 2014 was celebrated with Inter School Athletic Event and the other being Shri Ramanujan Math Quiz in December 2015 where various CBSE Schools participated.

Every Monday and Wednesday arrangements have been made for counselling the students along with their parents if needed, helping them out with proper counselling and remedial education.

Educational Trips is integral part of Education and the following were carried out

Grade I to III – Lumbini Park

IV to VI – Hyderabad

VII to IX – Darjeeling, Kolkata and Bhubaneswar

Inspection by the CBSE Panel to upgrade the school to Senior Secondary that is the plus two level was conducted on the 20th of this month. In view of this Shemford’s composite lab have been converted into three independent full fledged Biology, Physics and Chemistry labs.

1 26/05/2012 Teachers Training on Edurite (Smart Board)
by Pearson Group Bangalore
2 27/05/2012
Teachers Orientation on CBSE
Methodology by Ms Anju Rampal
Corporate Office -Delhi
3 27/05/2012 Parents Training on Good Parenting by Ms Anju Rampal Corporate Office Delhi
4 15/09/2012
Management Staff & Teachers Workshop on Quality in Education by CII at Infosys Bangalore
5 19/09/2012
Management Staff & Teachers World Didac Exhibition at Pragati Maidan New Delhi
6 28/09/2012 Teachers Workshop on CCE by Dr Vasanthi Thiagarajan at Shemford School -Hosur
7 16/10/2012 Teachers Training on Leadership by Dr Karthikeyan at Titan School Hosur
8 21/10/2012 Kindergarten Teachers Workshop on Teaching Methodology by Ms Neeraja Dhindayal- Bangalore
9 03/11/2013 Maths Teachers Workshop on Maths by TVS ACADEMY School-Hosur
10 25/01/2013 Teachers Workshop on SGAI (Students Global Aptitude Index) by Dr Vasanthi Thiagarajan at Sishya
School -Hosur
11 29/03/2013 Teachers Training on CCE by Mr R Varadharajan Jain School-Chennai
12 25/04/13-27/04/13 Computer Science Instructors Training on Alice Software by Ms Geetha Singh and Ms Madhuraya at DAV Public School Chennai
13 12/04/2013-13/04/2013 Principals National Principals’ Conference by Sahodaya School Complex at Mysore
14 18/06/2013 Maths Teacher Training on Manipulative by Mr. ATB Bose & Mrs. Inmai at Hosur
15 19/06/2013 Teachers Training on CCE by Sahodaya School Complex ,Mysore
16 29/11/2013 English Teachers CAER-(Centre for Assessment,Evaluation and Research)-Delhi Public School, Bangalore
17 23/6/14 Principals CAER-(Centre for Assessment,Evaluation and Research)-Delhi Public School, Bangalore
19 11/7/14 Math Teachers Teaching Mathematics with Manipulative,Krishnagiri
20 17/7/14 English Teachers Training Programme on Drama- Titan School, Hosur
21 02/08/14 All teachers CCE Training-Indus International School, Bangalore
22 18/10/2014 English Teachers Workshop on Language & Literature-Pearson Bangalore
23 15/11/2014 All teachers Gender Sensitivity-CBSE
24 15/12/2014 English Teachers Language Workshop-Ratna Sagar

Our Team/ Teachers

The school team consists of enthusiastic and vibrant teachers who work purposefully for the development of the students, enriching with all skills, engaging students in learning to the best of their abilities. The school team believes in providing a positive and conducive environment for the students as well as for parents, building high morale and standards that are achievable and measurable keeping in view the vision-mission of the school.

Student Counselling

We offer counselling to help students work through their difficulty, understand themselves better and find ways of managing their situation. There is a special faculty who visits the school twice a week and facilitates the students by identifying the areas that needs to be taken care. Parents are also informed of their wards and invited to help their child with the required support at home. Teacher concerned of the students are intimated who then works towards the improvement of the child in a specified form and style with academics as well as behaviour.


Yoga is an integral part of the school. Every day the school starts its session with yoga for primary and secondary classes that includes postures, meditation as well as breath/body awareness. This aides in the physical well being of the students, to learn discipline, bring a sense of peace, calm and balance to a life , foster the consciousness that creates that sense of awareness.