Chairman’s Message

“All Knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind the infinite library of the universe is in our mind” – Swami Vivekananda.

Children are the architects of tomorrow and education should not be confined to the classroom. Their boundless energy needs to be tapped and steered towards a commendable summit. We endeavour to promote a classroom of thinkers who would have the courage and conviction to lead the world with their insight, competency and moral values. Today the need for being proactive and constructive is more active than ever before due to the sweeping change influencing every aspect of our life.

Our philosophy of teaching focuses on the inquiry method. We believe that children, when given the freedom to question, are able to develop greater conceptual understanding, finding ways to apply what they already know in new situations and link this understanding to new concepts. Coordinators work with the Principal and teachers to plan for the academic year and mentor staff. Supported by subject coordinators for Mathematics, Language and Science, every component of SHEMFORD is designed to complement each other, enabling a holistic and connected learning experience.

Therefore holistic training takes a varied challenge in life. My main message to all my teachers and students is to think differently, work consistently and learn better from mistakes and to Parents, boundaries must be set and lines must be drawn to develop responsible friendship with your child because that also involves being a responsible parent.

ASSET’s “Will” is to provide “Quality Education” and the “Way” is SHEMFORD school to fulfill our desire. Our Vision is “Quality Education ” and the mission is “developing our children to become wise leaders to lead our nation in all the fields”.

We take this opportunity to thank all our parents, facilitators and supporting staff for their valuable support to provide the best platform to our beloved children.

In conclusion our team will focus on quality education to ensure all the children are geared towards a vision that will develop a strong and vibrant nation.

Looking forward to serve

For Annai Shri Saroja Educational Trust