Principal’s Message

Our country needs “WISE LEADERS” to fulfill Dr. Kalam’s vision to make

INDIA as a super power Nation of the world by 2020. This can be achieved only from Innovative School Education. We are committed to contribute to a great extent through our school.In order to achieve these two goals, we have systematic programmes running in our school for children and facilitators.

Fitness – In order to take up any challenge, the physique should be strong and the mind should be relaxed. In our school, children and facilitators are engaged thrice a week to maintain their fitness and share a lot of other information (apart from text books) to create interest in learning by way of “Imagine, Innovate and Inspire”.

New Ideas: Our management team is implementing new ideas on a regular basis to engage the children to think different (out of box) and come up with creative ideas. Our children are involved every day answering Maths and Science quiz, debates,creative writing, music and skits to bring awareness among children and public on various issues which helps children to develop their thinking and problem solving skills.Our special assemblies on Mondays and Fridays appear like mini parliament. We request
parents,to join during these special assemblies to know how their children are informative.

Enrichment Training – our Facilitators are regularly trained by specialized subject mentors either at school or they are being sponsored to attend important seminars across India to enrich their knowledge. This programme helps our facilitators to “REACH” our children than “TEACH” our children. Our children are not less than our teachers when it comes to any competitions to get good exposure.

Our motto “Imagine, Innovate, Inspire” capture the essence of our spirit. At SHEMFORD, children gain an all round education and achieve their potential not just in academic field but also in the field of sports and creative arts. We are scaling new heights with professionals, training the students in a range of co-curricular activities like basket ball, football, cricket, throw ball, table tennis, chess, musical instruments, choir just to name a few.

The curriculum is linked from the Pre-Primary level and is closely monitored to provide the best opportunity for the students to develop gradually and expand their knowledge for life. Our focus is to train children to become autonomous learners. Students will be given an environment wherein their attributes, strengths, their creativity and spontaneity is nurtured and developed. Children develop into adults endowed with analytical, critical and logical thinking. We believe that education needs to be tailored to the individual student. The achievement of students should be of the highest importance in a successful school and so we hold high expectations for every student who enters our gates in achieving this to make every child unique when they walk out of our gates.

Best Regards,

For Annai Shri Saroja Educational Trust

Saji C D